“To take into care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of

indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another”.

Emerging Indigenous Voices:  A New Generation of Artists

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Faculty Artist & Studio Manager/Associate Curator. . . Ian Joseph Kekoa Kuali`i

Ian Kuali`i - It was no surprise that Ian’s formative years in Southern California exposed him to the Hip Hop culture of the 80’s and later influenced his teenage years growing up on the Island of Maui. A person of Hawaiian, Apache, English and Jewish ancestry, Ian found his place among his peers and soon became one of the pioneers of graffiti and mural art on Maui under the name of Jedi. Ian worked on a number of mural projects where his colorful aerosol paint designs and images can be seen on the canvas walls of community youth centers and skate board parks.

Ian is a working artist and currently resides in New York metro area. His experience in the New York art scene includes: Apprentice to artist Doze Green, one of the pioneers of Hip Hop culture who has made his claim in the Fine Arts world; Assistant Art Director of 58 Gallery; and a featured artist in a number of solo and group shows spanning the U.S. from Hawai`i to New York.

Ian will bring to the project his expertise in cutout and stencil painting and art installation.

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Ian at home on Maui ~ Polynesians in full force:  Keone Nunez. Sam Kaai. Moana Swan, Carolyn Kuali`i & Ian

Ian’s life in NYC ~ Two “Nuyoricans” & One Hawaiian: Artists Doze Green & Orlando Reyes & Ian ~ camaradas

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