“To take into care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of

indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another”.

The Lifework and Collective Song of Sam Kaha`i Kaai,

Naue Ka Hona (The earth shakes) - E ala mai ia Kihanuilulumoku (Kihanuilulumoku awakens

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Art Director ~ Exhibit Curator . . . Isami Ching

Isami Ching - KoKo (Exhibit Design and Installation) a Hawaiian, whose lineage comes from the island of Maui, is an artist and designer who specializes in custom designed lighting, furniture, and hardware for residences, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, as well as installations for art shows and galleries.  Isami has taught sculpture and design at Columbia University School of the Arts (New York, NY) and Parsons School of Design (New York, NY).  His work can be seen throughout the United States and Europe. 

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Isami Ching & his partner artist Charlene Liu who assisted with the installation of the exhibit.

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