“To take into care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of

indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another”.

Emerging Indigenous Voices:  A New Generation of Artists

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Faculty Artist . . .   Meleanna Meyer

Meleanna comes from Mokapu, O’ahu, and is the second child of Harry and Emma Meyer. She has had a lifelong love for the arts in all forms. She received her B.A. in design and photography from Stanford University. Meleanna was mentored by Nathan Oliveira and Leo Holub. Her kumu (teacher) in mana’o Hawai’i (Hawaiian knowledge) is respected educator, Keola Lake. Meleanna received her MA in Educational Foundations from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa under the mentorship of Dr. Royal Fruehling. An East West Center grantee, APAWLI and Salzberg Fellow, she has been able to lend her many talents to a wide range of arts and culture collaborations.

Meleanna is a practicing artist, educator and filmmaker, and has taught in a wide range of educational settings both public and private, at the University level, in the charter schools, as an artist in residence and currently, contractually also as a consultant with Kamehameha schools Literacy and Instruction program as a arts/culture curriculum specialist. As a filmmaker she has three documentaries to her credit, is a published author and illustrator. Having received numerous awards for her visual art, her work also hangs in the State Museum, in the Honolulu City & County collection, with works in private collections both here and abroad.

Kua`aina is honored to have Meleanna join our project’s faculty where she will be providing our participants her years of experience in the indigenous art movement and provide  mentorship support in the media arts. 

Makua: Two Panels

Peace and Justice are foundations that have been laid by others before we arrived upon the scene. Any efforts on my part are predicated upon this fact. Legacy is just that – peace is just that, a legacy of compassion and standing for one another, bearing witness, and standing in solidarity. The pieces represented here have been exhibited in other venues, yet the message of this particular work is the same. Strive for justice, seek the truth and speak to the heart of power, make a difference as you can be counted. Love your land, she is our mother, love one another, we are of one blood. – Meleanna.

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