“To take into care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of

indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another”.

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Advisory Council Member. . . Michael Horse

Michael Horse is an internationally acclaimed and award winning artist, a well-known movie and television actor, and an activist for Native American rights. He was born near Tucson Arizona of Yaqui, Zuni and Mescalero Apache descent. His art and life reflect his philosophy that...

"art is one of the ways that native people celebrate and relate to their culture, their religion and to nature - it is a gift. Art teaches us beauty, humility and humor. You cannot be a healthy human being without art and music in your life."

Michael Horse's finely crafted jewelry, carvings, paintings and ledger art have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, Bonwit Teller in New York and in galleries throughout the world. A 30-year retrospective of his work, 'Dreams of Horses - The collected works of Michael Horse' was shown at the Southwest Museum in spring 1997. Michael co-curated the museum's 2-year exhibit, 'Spirit Horses', and in the fall of 1998 the Southwest Museum at LACMA West presented his one-man show of ledger art. 'Images of the People, A pictorial journey'.

Gathering Tribes
Featuring Ledger Paintings & Jewelry

by Michael Horse.

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