Kua`aina Associates’ Vision is to support the continuity of indigenous knowledge and expression through art and cultural practices as a means to evoke a new vision during a new time, thus embracing a universal message of peace, compassion, tolerance and healing.

Kua`aina Associates’ Mission is to perpetuate indigenous cultures and the arts by supporting projects that provide opportunities for emerging indigenous artists and cultural masters in both traditional and contemporary forms through program development, program management and special  projects.

Knowing Land, Places and Ourselves: Earth Politics (environmental issues and indigenous perspectives), is the unique approach Kua`aina takes to promote environmental healing and survival. This is especially important since many indigenous communities are no longer concentrated in their aboriginal lands and their cultural traditions in many cases have been lost or diluted by the effects of colonization such as; physical displacement, economic & social inequalities and environmental factors due to ecological imperialism and global warming. With this in mind, Kua`aina  forges forward to uphold the integrity of indigenous peoples and their desire to preserve the wisdom of their ancestors through traditional and contemporary arts as a contribution for the betterment of their people and the global community.

Kua`aina provides capacity building assistance to Native cultural and art organizations, individual artists and produces special art & cultural projects.

Kua`aina operates under the belief that working collectively on a project provides an opportunity for a more monumental outcome, thereby contributing to the maintenance and sharing of the life ways of cultural and artistic expression.

“Kua`aina...refers to one who actively lives their culture and keeps the spirit of the land alive...

and takes that which is precious and sacred into their care”

Our Vision . . .

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About Kua`ainahttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_8_link_0
Kua`aina Associates, Inc.
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