“To take into care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of

indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another”.

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Advisory Council Member. . . Tonu Shane Eagleton

Tonu Shane Eagleton is the son of Kelera (Clara) Sitiveni; her parents are Tanu and Senia Sitiveni from Motusa. Tonu is an environmental woodcarver whose is a featured artist in residence with the Cultural Conservancy.

Tonu has been labeled an ecovisionary, and has taught ecological woodcarving at New College of California, where he is described as a Polynesian master wood carver, tree surgeon, environmental artist, educator and activist, and co-founder of the non-profit organization P.A.L. Foundation (Protect All Life), which specializes in salvaging trees for their highest use. His carvings have achieved world-wide acclaim and he has been generous in his support of American Indian groups.

Guided by his mission to heal the earth with his art, Tonu belongs to a rare class of artists that contribute to the evolution of human consciousness. His environmental art installations throughout the world engender a visceral reaction, as if the plights of endangered species become released through their artistic representation. Whether walking among his spirit healing poles carved from recovered wood in the decimated acid-rain forests in the Czech Republic or standing aside his thirty-three foot humpback whale with calf carved from a 2,000 year old redwood, his work engenders a sense of the importance of our taking responsibility for the survival of our planet, for our children's sake.

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Few artists can take you through a visual journey spanning evolution, from inception to the now dangerous precipice upon which we delicately rest. Whether it be an intricately layered woodblock carving, a sports-car sized Galapagos turtle, a musical instrument, or a modem furniture design, Tonu's art provides dense layers for interpretation. And all of his wood carvings come from recycled wood. Tonu works intuitively through inspiration and attunement to the spirit of the trees, using his tools to release the objects and images that already exist within the wood. In addition to working with his self-made chisels and adzes, Tonu has become perhaps the most skilled chainsaw worker in the world.

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